Finding an Apartment in Finland: Navigating the Finnish Housing Scene

Published on Aug 23 2023

Embarking on the journey to find housing in Finland requires savvy navigation through the local real estate landscape. Whether you're seeking rental apartments, purchase properties, or even a tranquil summer cottage, this comprehensive guide will be your ally.

Unlocking Finnish Real Estate Search Engines

Mastering Finnish-language search engines is key to finding your ideal dwelling.

Great Housing Sites Major site in Finland for purchasing or renting houses, apartments, and more. But the language is all in Finnish. Website: Good site to search for rental apartments. Here is also an English language option. Website:

Kodisto: A Finland-wide rental apartment site with offices in major cities. Website:

The lease agreement is made with Kodisto.

tel. +358 10 389 6049

Asuntosäätiö: Offers rental apartments Finland-wide. Website: Asuntosäätiö

The lease agreement is made with Asuntosäätiö.

Tel. +3580201612446 (rental apartments) Mon-Fri 9am-3pm For renting an apartment. Here is an English language option. Website: For purchasing houses, apartments, cottages, holiday houses, and land. Here the languge is Finnish. Website:

Rental Agreements in Finland

Embarking on renting an apartment or house in Finland demands a grasp of legalities and regulations. This guide offers essential insights for a successful rental experience.

General Insights Renting in Finland differs from practices in other countries. Unlike Australia, for instance, Finnish rental properties may not include lights, carpets, or curtains. However, expect amenities like a refrigerator/freezer and access to a communal sauna.

Tenant's Responsibilities

Tenants are obligated to pay rent punctually, uphold the apartment's condition, and follow building rules. Damage must be reported to the lessor promptly, with compensation liability resting on the tenant. Tenant-initiated repairs need lessor approval. Cleaning the apartment upon lease conclusion also falls under the tenant's responsibility.

Sub-Tenancy/Secondary Leasing Sub-tenancy is permissible depending on the landlord. This allows tenants to lease their rental unit to others. Secondary leasing necessitates the primary lessor's consent.

Lease/Tenancy Agreement

Never pay upfront without signing a written lease agreement. This agreement should detail apartment condition, tenancy term, rent amount, payment date, other charges, rent adjustment clauses, and security deposit specifics.

Lease Termination

Fixed-term leases are binding for the agreed period. Non-fixed term leases can be terminated by either party with written notice. The lessor requires six months' notice after a year of continuous leasing, and three months' notice for leases under a year. Tenants provide one month's notice.

Security Deposit

Lessors often require a security deposit (up to three months' rent) to cover unpaid rent or damage. Typically, it's one to two months' rent. If rent is paid on time and no damage occurs, the deposit is fully returned.

Dispute Resolution Disputes typically revolve around security deposit withholdings due to damage claims. Prevent conflicts by:

  • Noting apartment defects with the lessor at lease start and end
  • Taking dated photographs of surfaces upon lease signing
  • Understanding normal wear and tear is not tenant liability

This guide empowers you to navigate Finnish rental landscapes, understanding rights, responsibilities, and safeguards. Happy renting!