Living Conditions and Utilities in Finnish Housing

Published on Aug 21 2023

Embracing the Finnish housing landscape requires understanding the nuances of housing, living conditions, and utilities. As you embark on this journey, remember to adhere to legal requirements by registering your new address as mandated by Finnish law. Here's a comprehensive guide to aid you.

Diverse Housing Scenario in Finland

Homeownership is prevalent, with approximately two-thirds of the housing stock being owner-occupied residences. Apartments and houses, particularly in Helsinki, might appear compact by Western standards. Rental apartments in Helsinki are scarce and increasingly costly, often 30-40% higher in rent compared to other regions.

Heating and the Innovations in District Heating

Finnish homes, both houses and apartments, boast high-quality standards. Insulation is top-notch, with double glazing being a minimum standard and triple or even quintuple glazing becoming commonplace. Heating is efficient in winter, obviating the need for standalone heaters. Over 90% of apartments, more than half of terraced houses, and numerous public and business buildings link to a district heating network. If your dwelling utilizes district heating, it's covered under your rental agreement, eliminating an extra cost. District heating delivers warmth from a central source through pipes, sparing buildings from generating their own heat.

Radiators, Apartments, and Ownership: Key Insights

Radiators function primarily during the colder months, springing to life in the cold season. If your radiators seem inactive in September-October, don't fret—this is normal. Radiators will warm up soon. However, if your apartment's temperature dips below 20°C, it's time to address the issue. If you hear bubbles, there might be air in the system. For assistance, contact your building manager.

Apartment ownership in Finland often revolves around shares in a housing cooperative, akin to owning your own home. The housing company (asunto-osakeyhtiö) legally owns residential buildings, and owning shares corresponds to owning an apartment. Residents manage the housing company, sharing responsibility for maintenance. Housing companies often have non-profit, limited-liability company structures. Regulations set by these companies span various aspects, including renovations adhering to EU standards. Apartment owners engage in housing company meetings that determine renovation and financial plans, as well as loans for building maintenance.

Seamless Utilities and Comfortable Living

Setting up utilities for your new home is straightforward. Electricity connections can be initiated by contacting the local electricity company. Note that the cost of electricity encompasses sales and distribution components. Internet connectivity is often pre-installed in apartments. Insurance is a common requirement for renters. Fire alarms are mandatory in residences.

Furnishing Made Easy with Rental Furniture companies

Furnishing your new apartment is a breeze with Furent or with KVP Group. Whether short or long-term, they offer tailored furniture and appliance rentals. Their services include delivery, assembly, and pickup.

Conditions of Residence

Familiarize yourself with housing company regulations, covering aspects like power tools usage and balcony barbecues. Saunas and laundry rooms are typically communal spaces that require reservations. Parking spots and their allocation may entail additional charges. Responsible waste disposal is governed by housing company regulations.

Resources for In-Depth Insights

For a wealth of information on Finnish housing, explore (housing), available in multiple languages. The Finnish Consumer Authority offers a comprehensive Housing section. To delve into residential lease law, refer to the Finnish Act on Residential Leases 1995.

Transitioning into Finnish housing and lifestyle is an adventure, filled with efficient utilities, modern comforts, and the distinctive charm of Finnish living.