Relocation to Finland: Expert Relocation Services to Make Your Move Smooth

Published on Aug 19 2023

Relocating to a new country is an exciting yet complex journey filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. When it comes to moving to Finland, a country known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, the transition can be made smoother with the assistance of relocation services. These services offer a range of support to individuals, families, and companies embarking on this exciting adventure. In this article, we'll explore the key aspects of relocation services in Finland and introduce you to reputable Finnish relocation companies that can help you make a seamless transition.

Understanding the Role of Relocation Services

Relocation services play a crucial role in assisting individuals and families during their transition to a new country. Their comprehensive support ensures that the relocation process is as stress-free as possible, allowing individuals to focus on adapting to their new environment and making the most of their experience.

The services provided by relocation companies cover a wide range of areas, including legal and administrative requirements, finding suitable housing, settling children into schools, and supporting the trailing spouse in finding employment opportunities. These services are designed to enhance the overall well-being and productivity of both employees and their families.

Finnish Relocation Companies: Your Partners in Transition

For those moving to Finland, several reputable relocation companies offer specialized services to cater to various needs. Let's explore some of these well-established companies:

Alfa Mobility was founded in Sweden and established itself as a leader in relocations across the Nordic countries. With a full-time team of consultants, the company offers a wide array of services, including immigration support, home finding, and temporary accommodation services. Their international partnerships ensure global mobility solutions for clients.

Alfa Mobility

Elimäenkatu 5, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland

tel. +358 (0)20 793 1100

NextLink takes the concept of relocation services to a new level by offering personalized support that transforms a move to Finland into an enriching and memorable experience. The company specializes in facilitating the relocation of global IT talent to Finland swiftly and seamlessly. From handling visa and residence permit applications to assisting with housing and personal identification, NextLink ensures a comprehensive relocation package. The company's commitment to excellence is reflected in its ongoing support for two months after arrival, ensuring that every aspect of the relocation journey is well taken care of.


Joonas Liimatainen

tel. +358 41 473 2161

Julius Hauhio

tel. +358 50 552 8582

Companies House Finland understands the challenges of starting a new life in a foreign country. Their services extend beyond the professional realm, offering practical assistance to expat personnel and their families. From work permits and local registrations to finding accommodation and arranging schooling, Companies House Finland tailors its support to meet individual needs.

Companies House Finland Oy

Tilanhoitajankaari 12 D 111, 00790 Helsinki Finland


tel. +358 45 125 9595

Return Ticket. With expertise in international personnel internationalization, Return Ticket provides tailored relocation packages to ensure the success of assignments in Finland. Their comprehensive units cover everything from pre-arrival preparation to settling in, spouse support, and language training. The company's commitment to a smooth transition is further evidenced by providing clients with an Expat Guide to Finland, which offers practical guidance on various aspects of life in the country.

Return Ticket

Liljasaarentie 3, 00340 Helsinki

tel. +358 40 703 2535

Finland Relocation Services (FRS). As Finland's first specialist relocation service, FRS has been facilitating international employment and global mobility since 1994. Their range of services covers relocation, residence permits, integration, spousal support, HR and recruitment, and more. With a focus on improving productivity and enhancing staff retention, FRS is dedicated to making every move to or from Finland a success.

Finland Relocation Services (FRS)

Olarinluoma 12 B, 02200 Espoo

Koulukatu 15, 09100 Oulu

Vuolteenkatu 2, 33100 Tampere

tel. +358 9 502 1220

Barona Relocation Services. Barona provides work force for businesses but they also have relocation service. The company is rather huge and has offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Spain. Often the aim with Barona is to first find the job from their network and after that start the relocation process.

Embracing Opportunities in Finland

Relocating to Finland opens the door to a world of possibilities. With the assistance of professional relocation services, you can navigate the transition with confidence and ease. These dedicated companies are committed to providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs, ensuring that your journey to Finland is both smooth and rewarding.

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International House Helsinki

Lintulahdenkuja 2 D, 00530 Helsinki

tel. +358 931 011 111

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Remember, embarking on a relocation journey is an adventure filled with the promise of growth and discovery. With the right support at your side, you can make the most of your experience in Finland and create lasting memories on your journey to a new chapter in life.