Health Insurances in Finland: Coverage and Options

Published on Aug 20 2023

Healthcare is a fundamental concern for residents and expatriates alike, and Finland stands out as a nation renowned for its comprehensive and high-quality healthcare system. The Finnish system is built on a foundation of equitable access and preventive care, supplemented by a range of health insurance options to provide additional security and coverage. This article explores the various health insurance options available in Finland, delving into the offerings of prominent insurance providers within the country. Additionally, we will introduce five global insurance companies that cater to expatriates seeking reliable health coverage.

Health Insurance Landscape in Finland

Finland boasts a robust healthcare system that offers universal coverage to its citizens and legal residents. The system is publicly funded, ensuring that essential medical services are accessible to all. For individuals not covered by the public system, private health insurance can offer supplementary benefits and faster access to specialized care. These private insurance plans are provided by several reputable insurance companies, each with its own set of offerings.

Prominent Health Insurance Providers in Finland


  • Coverage: IF offers a range of health insurance plans, including basic coverage for doctor visits, specialist consultations, and hospital stays. They also provide enhanced coverage for surgeries and medications.
  • Features: If emphasizes fast access to care, allowing policyholders to bypass queues and receive treatment promptly.
  • Additional Benefits: Some plans include coverage for rehabilitation services.
  • Note: Often completion of a health check form is needed.
  • Website: IF


  • Coverage: Turva's health insurance plans encompass essential medical services and treatments. They offer comprehensive coverage for medical costs, surgeries, and hospital stays.
  • Features: Turva's focus lies in personalized customer service and tailor-made insurance plans to meet individual needs.
  • Additional Benefits: Some policies include coverage for travel-related medical emergencies and dental care in a case of an accident.
  • Note: Often completion of a health check form is needed.
  • Website: Turva

Pohjola Insurance

  • Coverage: Pohjola provides comprehensive health insurance covering medical expenses, diagnostics, hospital care, and outpatient treatments.
  • Features: Pohjola emphasizes fast access to care.
  • Additional Benefits: Some plans include coverage for rehabilitation services.
  • Note: Often completion of a health check form is needed.
  • Website: Pohjola Insurance


  • Coverage: LähiTapiola offers health insurance plans designed to cater to the unique needs of residents who have lived in Finland for a minimum of 12 months. Coverage includes essential medical services, diagnostics, hospital care, and more.
  • Features: LähiTapiola's health insurance plans are tailored to individual requirements, ensuring that residents receive the necessary coverage based on their health check form.
  • Additional Benefits: Apart from medical coverage, LähiTapiola provides access to a network of healthcare providers and facilities, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience.
  • Note: LähiTapiola stands as another prominent player in Finland's health insurance landscape, offering coverage tailored to residents. With a focus on individual requirements and a comprehensive approach to coverage, LähiTapiola provides an essential option for those seeking reliable health insurance in Finland. LähiTapiola's health insurance plans are subject to specific eligibility criteria, including the duration of residence in Finland and the completion of a health check form. The personalized nature of their coverage ensures that residents receive suitable and relevant health insurance options.
  • Website: LähiTapiola

The insurance options are broader if the language on the insurance company's website is Finnish or Swedish.

Exploring International Health Insurance Providers

While Finnish health insurance providers cater primarily to residents, global insurance companies extend their coverage to expatriates seeking health security while living in Finland. Here are five renowned global insurers that offer health coverage to expats:

Cigna Global Health

  • Coverage: Cigna offers comprehensive global health plans that provide access to medical facilities worldwide, including Finland.
  • Features: Their plans include coverage for medical consultations, hospitalization, prescription medications, and wellness programs.
  • Additional Benefits: Cigna's plans often come with emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.
  • Website: Cigna Global Health

Aetna International

  • Coverage: Aetna's international health insurance covers a wide range of medical services, from routine check-ups to major surgeries.
  • Features: Their plans grant access to a vast network of medical professionals and hospitals around the globe.
  • Additional Benefits: Aetna often includes mental health support and well-being programs.
  • Website: Aetna International

Allianz Worldwide Care

  • Coverage: Allianz offers comprehensive health insurance with global coverage, ensuring expats receive medical care wherever they are.
  • Features: Their plans include coverage for outpatient treatments, hospital stays, and emergency medical services.
  • Additional Benefits: Allianz provides access to a multilingual support team for assistance during medical emergencies.
  • Website: Allianz Worldwide Care

AXA Global Healthcare

  • Coverage: AXA's international health plans encompass a wide range of medical services, consultations, and treatments.
  • Features: AXA provides access to a network of medical professionals and facilities across various countries.
  • Additional Benefits: Many AXA plans include coverage for chronic conditions and maternity care.
  • Website: AXA Global Healthcare


  • Coverage: GeoBlue specializes in offering international health plans, including coverage for expatriates living in Finland.
  • Features: Their plans emphasize simplicity and ease of use, with hassle-free access to medical care.
  • Additional Benefits: GeoBlue often provides coverage for pre-existing conditions and medical evacuation services.
  • Website: GeoBlue


Health insurance plays a crucial role in ensuring peace of mind and access to quality healthcare services, whether you're a Finnish resident seeking additional coverage or an expatriate residing in Finland. With a range of reputable insurance providers offering diverse plans to cater to individual needs, you can find a health insurance solution that aligns with your preferences. For expatriates seeking global health coverage, renowned insurance companies like Cigna, Aetna, Allianz, AXA, and GeoBlue extend their services to provide comprehensive health security while living in Finland. By understanding your options and considering your unique requirements, you can make an informed decision to safeguard your health and well-being in the land of a thousand lakes.