Finnish News, Media, and Cultural Insights

Published on Aug 20 2023

Diving into the realm of Finnish news from a global standpoint offers a dynamic perspective. Here's a glimpse of the rich tapestry of information, voices, and stories that shape the Finnish narrative. Finnish TV and Finnish News in English are real, even though the official languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish.

YLE - the Finnish Broadcasting Company. For a comprehensive view of Finland's news and media landscape, YLE stands tall as the government broadcasting network. From TV shows to radio broadcasts, YLE's online platform Yle Areena TV is your gateway. Follow YLE News also on social media to stay updated.

YLE News in English. Available in various languages: English, 'Easy Finnish', Swedish, Russian, Sámi, and Finnish.

"All Points North" Podcast. Exploring Finnish Perspectives with "All Points North" Podcast: Unlock a weekly 30-minute podcast, "All Points North," offering insights into Finnish stories and news. This podcast boasts a unique perspective, with hosts and guests including foreign residents and non-Finns by birth, giving a distinctive spin to Finnish news. Listen on YLE Areena, Spotify, or via iTunes subscription. Explore:

Helsinki Times: Embracing English Journalism. Since its inception in 2007, Helsinki Times has been a beacon of English journalism. The news paper is published weekly, and is available online for free. Helsinki Times brings forth a partnership with Helsingin Sanomat, delivering translated articles from Finnish into English. Visit:

Daily Finland: A Northerly Voice. Daily Finland From the northern reaches of Rovaniemi, Daily Finland is a virtual newspaper that transcends geographical bounds. It provides Finnish and global news in English, adhering to the principles of credibility, professionalism, and ethical journalism. Discover:

Finland Today: Beyond Ordinary News. Finland Today With a promise to bring something different, Finland Today covers a spectrum of subjects – News, Politics, Culture, Business, and Lifestyle. It's your guide to a broader perspective beyond the ordinary. Navigate:

Trade Union News from Finland: A Hidden Gem. Trade Union News from Finland. Don't let the name deceive you; this site is a treasure trove. From 1997, Finnish journalist Juhani Artto laid the foundation for insightful reports on Finnish industrial relations. Heikki Jokinen's stewardship continues to deliver quality content, making it a valuable resource for researchers. Explore: Trade Union News from Finland

Exploring Finnish Culture and Beyond

Magazines & Blogs embark on a journey of discovery with these curated sources:

Her Finland: Experience Finland like a local with Varpu's insights on travel, lifestyle, culture, and more. Website:

Migrant Tales: Engage in discussions on immigration and minority experiences in Finland and beyond. Website:

Embark on a journey through Finnish news, media, and culture, revealing diverse narratives and insights that enrich your understanding of Finland and the world.